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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Specialized Needs

The best of both worlds: the commitment, responsiveness and quality of a local contractor, along with the expertise, knowledge and safety culture of a large contracting organization. Our experts offer a full range of general contracting services, specializing in commercial construction to multifamily residential and mixed-use retail. As a result, we consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for new and repeat clients across North Texas.

Commercial Construction

Commercial projects can be complex and challenging, often involving numerous subcontractors and vendors, workers and priceless equipment, materials and services. Exodus Construction has in-depth experience successfully managing all of these intricate details and exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients.

What services do you need? Interior renovations, acoustical system installations, light gauge metal framing, exterior and interior painting, or office/tenant space finish out? Big or small, Exodus Construction is here to identify and solve your construction problems and make your commercial building a more functional, comfortable and state-of-the-art facility.

  • Interior Renovations

  • Acoustical system installations

  • Door installs frame/ hardware

  • Light gauge metal framing

  • Sheetrock

  • Exterior/ Interior Paint

  • Office/ tenant space finish out

  • Insurance Claims: Fire, Hail, Wind and Water

Modern Office Building
Commercial Construction
Renovated Building

Multi Family
Residential Construction

Exodus Construction provides a full spectrum of multi-family housing construction services, including design and build to rehabilitation, to CapEx budgeting and value-add. We have completed an array of multi-family house projects, allowing our clients to achieve the maximum return on their investment, in the minimum possible time. Whatever your project need, we’ve got you covered. We do it right and we provide the highest level of customer service and expert services.

  • CapEx Budgeting

  • Value- Add

  • Design and Build

  • Insurance Claims: Fire, Hail, Wind and Water

  • Make Ready Upgrades

  • Exterior and Interior Renovations

  • Office Upgrades

  • Concrete Services

  • Balcony Rebuilds

  • HVAC Replacements

Multi Family Residential Construction


A critical element for a successful construction project is selecting a great project team. This includes the selection of the design team and construction partner. Early involvement with a construction partner allows the owner and design team to benefit from the cost history, feasibility, construction methods and materials, subcontractor input, and construction experience of the contractor.


Just like the importance of a project’s physical foundation, the pre-construction process lays the foundation for the construction project’s success. During pre-construction, important decisions are made and success measurements established to maximize project efficiency and minimize potential obstacles during the project. Therefore, the best construction company is the one that can offer the most value to your project during the pre-construction phase, providing guidance on the design, budget, and schedule before anyone shows up at the job site.


Special Projects

Being a good partner is about more than meeting schedules and budgets. At Exodus Construction, it means collaborating with owners, architects, and the community to enhance every aspect of the project. Supported by the latest technology, industry leading project controls, and strong work ethic, our comprehensive services maximize value for our clients. View the services we offer below and let us know how together, we can make your next project a huge success.

Special Projects

Site Management

We attribute much of our Construction Management success to an uncompromised focus on project planning. Throughout the life of every project, we constantly plan for the big picture and the details necessary to manage the construction project properly. Once the project is under construction, the project schedule, budget, and quality are firmly under our control, allowing us to deliver predictable and desirable outcomes.

At Exodus Construction, we manage all aspects of our construction management projects in a wide range of public and private markets. Including:

  • Project Management Planning

  • Cost Management

  • Time Management

  • Quality Management

  • Contract Administration

  • Safety Management

  • Professional Management - the team, roles, & responsibilities

Site Management
Hurricane Map

Emergency Storm Services

Property damage caused by severe weather can be devastating to your business, and to get repairs completed quickly and safely, you need a restoration company that specializes in bringing your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Exodus provides specialized emergency cleanup and restoration services to bring your property back to normal with minimal interruption. We can handle any sized loss and work with a variety of insurers to help you determine whether your damage is covered by your plan.

Exodus offers the following storm restoration services:

  • 24/7 emergency services

  • Emergency board up and/or roof tarp

  • Storm damage assessment

  • Water damage repair

  • Wind damage repair

  • Tree Removal

  • Structural stabilization

  • Reconstruction services

  • Insurance claim assistance


Predicting the weather can only go so far in protecting your commercial building from damage. Following unprecedented and extreme weather conditions, your commercial property might need extensive restoration and repairs.

For a trusted storm restoration company, Exodus is at your service. From localized damage due to hail storms to structural loss from lightning strikes, hurricanes or tornadoes, our 24/7/365 commercial storm damage division is quick to secure your property in case of an emergency.

Emergency Storm Services

Insurance Claims

Whether caused by fire, hail, wind or water, restoring damaged properties requires an experienced insurance restoration contractor. Exodus Construction specializes in delivering quality-driven, cost-effective restoration services to expertly repair, rebuild and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

When you’re ready to make exterior and interior renovations or office upgrades, you can be confident that our company has the experience needed to get the job done correctly. Our trained staff will guide you through the insurance claims and construction process from start to finish.

Insurance Claims
High School Exterior

Government Construction

The construction of your building is a critical step that we never underestimate. Every aspect of the building process follows or exceeds the federal or state code regulations for integrity and safety. With safety being our top priority, we supervise all aspects of labor and quality control on the job site.


As a trusted construction manager and contractor, Exodus Construction has navigated the landscape of federal, state, and municipal construction. From schools, city hall, and public works facilities to administrative buildings, justice centers, and detention facilities, our work continues to attract municipal and public clients across the state of Texas.

Government Construction
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